Exchange and Return Policy

Exchange policy

If your copy is unreadable or significantly defective in any way (missing pages, smeared cover, pages seriously skewed, etc.), please email us and explain the book's problem(s). If we agree the book requires replacement, we will tell you where to mail the unreadable/defective copy. Once we have received it and confirmed that it is unreadable/defective as described, we will send you a good copy and compensate you at the cheapest mailing rate for shipping the book back to us.

Though we strongly encourage you to email us, you have three ways to contact us:

We much prefer email and mail to phone calls. Thank you.

Return policy

Before purchasing, please read all the sample pages we have posted online.

If you enjoy the online material, you will enjoy Management Secrets of the New England Patriots. If you don't, you won't.

Our official return policy is "No returns" because returns are time-consuming and cost us money (since we cannot resell returned books).

Unofficially, we are not heartless. If you are disappointed with Management Secrets and you purchased through, you may email us with your reason(s) for disliking the book and we will listen. Allowing a return is at our discretion. But if you aren't satisfied, we will at least listen and possibly refund your money (but not your mailing cost for returning the book).

Again, we strongly prefer email but offer three ways for your to contact us:


If you have any concerns or questions about this policy, please contact PatriotsBook help.