Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy as much as we care about our own (i.e., a lot).

Here are some steps we take to protect your privacy:

  1. We do not store credit card numbers. Credit card numbers go straight to our Internet payment gateway. We never view, record, or store them.
  2. We use SSL (https) to encrypt all transmissions of credit card information between your browser and third-party credit card processing systems.
  3. We attempt to keep as little information as possible on our servers. We try to frequently download such information to more secure machines (non-servers) and delete it from the servers. Ideally, we remove data from all machines, storing it instead on a CD-ROM or other offline media.
  4. We must keep basic purchase information (name, address, # of copies purchased, purchase date, etc.) for accounting purposes and to protect against "chargebacks" (i.e., people who buy products using credit cards and later deny buying them).
  5. We will never sell or give away your information without your express permission, except as necessary to fulfill your order(s) or when we believe you would genuinely appreciate us doing so. We must, for example, inform the company that prints your book where to mail it. We deal only with sizeable, reputable book printer/distributors. We don't expect this will happen, but if someone else writes a great book on the Patriots, we might email buyers of "Management Secrets" to inform them because we feel many might appreciate such an email. We can promise this would be a rare event and would have to be something likely to be appreciated by many of our customers.
  6. We also keep a list of those who have purchased from us in the past for tax reporting purposes and because you might be interested in purchasing additional books from us (including "Management Secrets of the New England Patriots, Vol. 2").
  7. We strive to use secure software, keep our software up to date and fully patched, and carefully protect our passwords.

While no company can guarantee the privacy of your data, we take pride in keeping it safe and have no intention of using it in any way you might disapprove of. And we guarantee that your credit card information cannot be stolen from us because we never possess your credit card information.

If you have any concerns about this policy or about how is handling your data, please contact PatriotsBook help.